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    1. A portable WiFi router is like an internet box at home, but inserted with a SIM card inside instead of being attached to phone cable. The credit card sized gadget is able to get you online anywhere in the world. MiFi works both as a modem and as a router. The built-in modem enables it to connect to a wireless signal, and the inserted router shares the connection with many users.
    1. Certificate: CE granted
      Size: 95mmX28mmX10mm (for reference, upon clients' request)
      Weight: 25g
      Hardware Info: Remarks
      WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n supported
    1. V519 series router developed for industry use supports data transparent transmission, image transport, equipment monitoring, and wireless networking. It is equipped with 10/100M Ethernet, WIFI wireless interface, and serial port, and can be connected with various devices. Web configuration is supported.
    1. We have 4 models provided for M710 series module: M710A-S, M710B-S, M710E-S, and M710U-S. M710 is a kind of 4G LTE module that supports 2G/3G/4G and various frequency bands. Adopting the MDM9X07 from Qualcomm, M710 is able to provide users with high-speed wireless transmission service. It is designed with the functions of voicing, general packet radio service, MMS and SMS.
    1. RFC1009 requirements for internet gateways (link layer issues only)
      RFC1812 requirements for IP version 4 routers
      RFC0922 broadcasting internet datagrams in the presence of subnets
      RFC1256 ICMP router discovery messages (router specification only)
    1. Smart rear view mirror is mounted in car to help drivers see wider and drive safer, and provides rearview clarity in a variety of conditions. It is equipped with an individual operating system and separate running space. Users can download software, games, navigation, and other programs from third-party service provider into the smart car mirror.