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Xinfeng Wei Ye has developed a mix of stably-performed wireless communication products that target at different industries amid a promising landscape, where 4G wireless technology plays a growing role in the Internet of Things (IoT) as the construction job of 4G network goes deeper. Wireless technology is extensively found in camera monitoring, smart car, and data storage fields. Here we will introduce 3 major applications our products are used for.

1. Security Monitoring
For security monitoring, wireless surveillance would be a much cheaper and more effective choice than a wired network, especially in some hardly accessible areas, like high voltage power line, environmental monitoring, forest fire protection, street light, oil exploitation, oil pipeline, logistic system, and boat shipping; as well as in some hazardous areas, like places suffering from infectious disease or explosive materials. Wireless monitoring is the best option when it comes to temporary control, such as field training, temporary construction site, and exhibition center. The high speed and secure data transmission of wireless router won't be influenced by mountain, river, bridge, and any other complex terrain.

In a wireless monitoring system, the video signal can be either stored in local DVR, or uploaded to server via LTE network (wireless router or 4G module). Users can check them by mobile phone or PC at any time.

For smart city monitoring, 4G router is used jointly with camera, emergency vehicle, and video capture card at emergency site to upload the video images back to the command center for real time monitoring.

Xinfeng Wei Ye provides users with secure and stable data transmission service by Qualcomm TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE wireless module, industrial TDD-LTE module, and FDD-LTE module, all of which are power saving and easily assembled. Xinfeng Wei Ye security monitoring solution allows for less development work, and fast and large-scale network deployment, saving users' time dramatically.

2. Smart Car
The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is a specific application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in automotive field, committed to bringing users more efficient, safer, and more comfortable driving experience. It is a comprehensive system that integrates traffic management, user security, and entertainment. The core principle of IoV system is information acquisition and feedback.

IoV system enhances car's security by collecting the static and dynamic information of car, driver, and traffic with sensing device and wireless module, under the help of mobile communication network, satellite communication network, navigation system, and intelligent information processing technology. It also enables users to manage and monitor their cars more conveniently.

3. Charging Pile and Gas Meter Reading
An easy network connection and data transmission is accessible by inserting DTU or wireless communication module into charging pile. Smart charging pile system is comprised of pile, DTU/wireless module, network management platform, data processing center, and various Internet-based Apps. A smart charging pile system provides plentiful online applications apart from real-time monitoring and maintenance.

In the Internet of Things, an intelligent gas meter reading system is realized by LTE wireless network and management center. It brings about efficient meter reading, remote control, network payment, and fault detection without the need of collector, concentrator, or other intermediate equipment.